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Podcast and Live Show Producer August 2021 - April 2023

MEGA is a satirical podcast from the staff of a fictional mega church. We have charted in the top 10 comedy pods & top 100 overall pods on Apple Podcasts. As MEGA's producer I work with the show's hosts to scout, pitch, and book our guests, manage our production timelines, plus book and produce our live shows, all while looking toward the future of our show.

Hosts/ EPs: Holly Laurent & Greg Hess, Editor: Makenzie Mizell


Live Show Producer

Execute the show vision set forth by the Mortified HQ team. Collaborate with our producing partner, WBEZ. Work with talent to develop an entertaining, comedic, and heartwarming story inspired by and seamlessly incorporating creations (journal entries, art pieces, videos) from the talent’s childhood. Empower a team of associate producers to work with talent to do the same. Manage event dates, location, and logistics. Develop & implement  marketing strategy. 

Mort Image 1.jpeg


Texts from My Mom is a series of songs featuring (fictional) texts from someone’s mom sent while watching Netflix titles. The things “mom” texts rarely have anything to do with the plot or events of the title, the way all of our real-life moms text us seeming non sequiturs.  In this way the Netflix title is never the punchline, and the humor is focused on the way “mom” talks to her child, with thoughts instigated by key moments in the Netflix title.

Directed by David Ebert Music: Nick Lutsco, Texts: Krista Jensen, Animator: Grizzly Studios, Editor: Kyle Niemer

16x9 A.jpg

Production Coordinator and Casting Lead

This is one video from a series of three B2B marketing videos I both cast and worked as the production coordinator on. As the production coordinator I kept track of, organized, and communicated shoot logistics and details. As the casting lead I created the casting call, communicated with agents, scheduled and managed auditions, organized, edited and prioritized taped auditions, and booked  the talent.

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 2.59.36 AM.png


This is the final video I produced as a staff producer at Demo Duck Video before going freelance, and it's the work I'm proudest of during my time there. Collaborating with Abdallah, USA for UNHCR, Demo Duck, and our composer (Dogbotic) was a synergistic dream. I had the opportunity to lean on my music degree to articulate my thoughts on the aural tone of the piece and that articulation showed up in the final video by way of percussion and Abdallah's participation in the music creation (he is a guitar player). 

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 3.25.06 AM.png
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